Message from participants who experienced the tea ceremony

Quynh-san / Vietnam
This is my very first time to try the whole process. It is very interesting because I understand that the process is not only to drink the tea, but have to pay attention to the small gesture of each step. When the sensei prepared the tea for us, I felt that he prepare the tea with all concentration and all his hearts, which is very impressive for me.
And the temple is very beautiful, and the chief priest of temple is very nice. He and his temple gave me the peaceful feelings.
This is my first time of experiencing, however, in future, if I have chance, I will try the tea ceremony more.
Thank you very much for this activities.
Octa-san / Honduras
It was very enjoyable. Thank you!
Aim-san  / Thailand
I was so delighted by very warm welcome from the host and the knowledge about making tea and wearing kimono. Thank you very much.
Noble-san / France
I enjoyed it very much, thank you all !
Sithivone / Laos
Thanks Sir!
I really appreciated for your kindly host
It’s good memory and experience. Tea ceremony is very unique. I am very nice to be participated today.